Congrats. Why are you even here?

Name's Brad. You can call me that if you want. Or Todo works too. It tends to be my online name for whatever reason.
I'm 23 and male. I'm a Christian, but the kind that doesn't have his head up his own ass (at least I hope). I support LGBT rights, along with any other group fighting for equality. We're all the same race. We need to start acting like it.
I love video games and books. Tabletop RPGs and card games. If you've ever read the Night Watch series, you have now become my best friend. I listen to some music, not a lot. Though I'm always open to try to listen to new music. In most genres anyways.
I have no reason to be on Tumblr except to coexist with other people. Maybe I'll find some purpose. Maybe not. We'll see.

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